The Civics Project was  created to promote constitutional literacy and our region's history.


United States Constitution Project
One in every home

Founding father, Noah Webster, believed that a Bible in the home would lead to a moral and temperate people. We believe having a constitution in the home will help our people return to constitutional order and good government. In the first sixty years of our nations history, Americans were very familiar with the constitution and jealous to protect their rights. Much has been lost these last 120 years. We have become detached from our constitution; the boundaries that the founding generation placed on the government have been stretched and broken. With the Constitution Project we hope to restore constitutional literacy and restore our nation.

Constitution Project Goal

The goal of the project is to deliver 5,000 Pocket Constitutions to homes in the Lehigh Valley. We have handed out over 500 of the Pocket Constitutions by hand during one-on-one discussions. We’ve also handed them out during back-to-school events, job fairs, at the library, and to Boy Scout Troops and attendees at events celebrating our nation.

Pocket Constitutions Given

Latest News

Back-to-school Constitution Give-Away

We provided approximately 800 pocket constitutions to Executive Education Academy Charter School which was included with each laptop provided to students for the 2020-2021 school year. This is part of our campaign[…]

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Paul’s Table – Guest Ron Scott

Today’s guest is Col. Ron Scott, Vice President of the American Constitution Foundation. Topics: Career, Communism, BLM as part of the Communist Movement, Restoring Constitutional literacy. The goals of the[…]

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Paul’s Table – Introduction

Introduction to the Civics Project. Our goal is to promote Constitutional literacy, deliver a pocket edition of the United States Constitution to residents of the Lehigh Valley, establish neighborhood groups[…]

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